This is a piece of cake , the very essence of our existence. It usually starts with an idea; your idea. Which then turns into a dream that you sooner or later start pursuing. So you go searching for Cycling and or Hiking Holidays and before long you realise how awesome Mallorca would be for a Trip. You find us, Why-not .You see, you read, you like, you write to us all you have in mind and the process begins. You tell is what you like, you ask us questions, we ask questions, we start to get to know you, your tastes and the style of travel you’re seeking and before long we’re putting together a customized tour that includes House rent, hotels , restaurants and every activities you have in mind. We like to think that everything’s possible in Mallorca and the island has something for every taste!

And that’s what we’re here for, to listen to your needs and requests, arranging all the minor details to make everything happens in the most harmonious and less stressful way so you can just sit back, go for a ride, and enjoy wonderful Mallorca!

Why we’re here? To listen your needs and requests, handling all the details to make everything goes down in the most harmonious and optimal way. So you can just relax, go for your trip and enjoy Mallorca.