Introducing a great way to experience Mallorca you and you loved ones, the landscape and exquisite gastronomy of the island, a great road bike, and the ease of mind that come with knowing that we’re here to make sure you’re having a great time. Our personalized self-guided trips have fast become our most popular type of experience and transpose in reality the philosophy of travel we believe in. Take off at your leisure and ride at your own pace, stop whenever you want, wander around little rustic villages, maybe get a little lost once, or twice, and, get a bit past the edges of your comfort zone.


We are totally flexible and work with your schedule and budget to craft an amazing experience. You tell us when you’re coming, how many people are traveling, how far you’d like to ride, how much you want to spend, and any particular sights you’d like to see. We’ll then prepare an itinerary for your review, which can tweak after additional input from you. You then get the routes (paper map and digital versions), are all set to start riding, wandering and enjoying your adventure, we’ll take care of the rest.


We can assist your cycling holiday up to the level you request, living you maximum flexibility. We can suggest a multi- day itinerary, provide detailed explanations on the attractions you’ll encounter, or even a GPS device so you can navigate your way around Mallorca. If you’re cycling and or trekking holiday involves multiple hotels, we organize all bag transfer between hotels. Or why not stays all trip with the family in our Rustic Fincas .We can also suggest our carefully vetted preferred hotels and restaurants along your route and do all the bookings for you. And of course, we also book and prepare your bicycles so they are in top shape for your expedition.


The quality variety of the bikes available in Mallorca means you don’t have to haul your own hardware – unless you’d like to. We work with BIMONT bike shops, experts in quality bikes like Cube and Specialized, but if you prefer some other type of bikes that they don’t supply we will be sure to find it for you.


Optimal cycling seasons are spring and fall, so late March to June and September through October. Please not that September be a bit on the warm side and early spring can bring variable weather, but it’s all about when YOU want to come. There aren’t any set dates or time schedules you must respect. Just tell us when you’re coming, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements for your holiday, you can come any time, and it’s no off season for us. We don’t stop riding and walking all year round.


One step at a time! Let’s first plan it out- just tell us a little more about what you have in mind and we can start right away. Please don’t forget a few important details like who’s coming (just you? the wife? (Or husband) kids? Few army buddies?), and whether there’s a particular theme of celebration for the trip. Also we’d like to know what type of riding you’re interested in doing, whether you would, like to do any other activities (hiking, trekking, kayaking, exploring sea caves, jumping off cliffs), and any other interests that you may have such as food, wine, architecture, music, art, etc. Feel free to tell us every little detail we might find relevant for preparing a better trip for you.